Focus people ("Focusites")

FOCUS members include graduate and professional students and others from the University community, with varying scholastic, national, and religious (or non-religious) backgrounds. We have in common an interest in building an open and active Christian community, in learning, and in thought-provoking, interdisciplinary dialog.

Student Executive Team ("Exec")

The Executive Team is charged with carrying out the purpose and vision of Focus, as well as ensuring that FOCUS continues from year to year, through: 1. the organization of meetings/events, 2. prayers for the FOCUS community, and 3. selection of subsequent leaders. These are the people to contact if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the group. Please keep exec and the mentors in your prayers!

Kevin Ludwick


Jeremy Erickson

Computer Science

Amy Reynolds


Valerie Moore

Library Science


Dr. Fred Brooks
Greenville, NC
Faculty Sponsor
Computer Science


Hank Tarlton
Raleigh, NC
IVCF Staff Worker